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FUB-AMB AMB-FUBINACA research chemical for sale

CAS: 687947-71-4
method: C21H22FN3O3
Molecular weight: 383.16
Compound purity: > 99.7%
look: Powder

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this is virtually an analogue of AB-FUBINACA, a effective artificial cannabinoid first synthesized via Pfizer. AB-FUBINACA famous a effective affinity for that CB1 receptor. the primary amide moiety inside the L-valinamide aspect chain in AB-FUBINACA is substituted for a methyl ester in FUB-AMB.

FUB-AMB is sincerely an indazole-primarily based synthetic cannabinoid that’s a strong agonist from the CB1 receptor. another synonym hired for FUB-AMB inside the professional circles is AMB-FUBINACA , and simple chemical formulation from the substance is summarized as C21H22FN3O3 . Its reputable designation in the IUPAC gadget is thought to be methyl (1-(four-fluorobenzyl)-1H-indazole-3-carbonyl)-L-valinate, the usage of the molecular weight going to be 383.41 g/mol. The products is brought like a solution in acetonitrile, in a expert-grade wholesomeness (greater than ninety eight%) ,or like a powder having a wholesomeness above ninety nine.five%.

FUB-AMB become identified by using Louisiana crime labs within an natural combination labelled train Wreck2 in 2014 and it become banned like a managed dangerous substance by This summer third, 2014. The physiological and toxicological features of the compound are especially unwell-known, don’t have any recognised medicinal value and therefore there’s no identified dose. The product is supposed for forensic and studies programs.

currently, the hobby in indazole-based totally cannabinoids is growing and researchers everywhere in the international are vigilantly following each discharge of some thing new out of this group. AMB-FUBINACA is presently in awareness, which isn’t too complicated thinking about this chemical consists of among the features of AB-PINACA and five Fluoro AMB, two 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 take a look at chemical substances.

The molecule of AMB-FUBINACA consists of a methoxy institution connected in preference to a foremost amine (much like five-Fluoro AMB), but it’s currently unfamous how this structural function influences the biochemical profile of the compound. with the aid of instance with many other indazole cannabinoids, AMB-FUBINACA is anticipated to come to be an very powerful agonist from the primary CB1 receptors.

the medicine is usually sprayed on botanical material and smoked, although it could be ingested in liquid or powder form. Unverified resources record: I entered a real journey This included foremost psychedelia, open eyed visuals, closed eye visuals, in addition to special viewpoints around the world. The greatest issue I have determined thus far even though, is the truth that once it’s drawn in small accountable doses, it’s indistinguishable from THC. quite the magnificent enjoy. by the way, I’m calculating out 1mg with my scale, and splitting that Into 10 approximately little piles of powder, and taking advantage of each one of the small piles like a dose. The manner in which it’s being ingested is as simple as being put on the rebuildable coils within my atomizer (Rebuildable Dripper working at .3 Ohms). a little hit creates a splendid high. Be cautious with this precise one even though, very powerful and might scare the shit from you should you pass too swiftly by the usage of it. lamentably the peak handiest lasts 25-35 minutes.

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